Wednesday, October 22

  so last night i went to casey's party right? ok so we all met at casey's house and they we headed off to the hotel(casey, me, caiti, amanda, amanda, and ellie) and when we got there we found out that the stupid STUPID hotel ppl booked our rooms for next month! ugh. so now were hoteless right? well we go to tgi fridays cuz thats where were gonna eat, and while we were there casey's parents called like all the hotels in town and couldn't find one with 2 rooms open.  so finally they found the best western settle in over by westroads.  so we are eatin at tgi fridays when all of  sudden everyone starts to cough.  like this little baby got sick and started crying and then we all started to cough and didn't feel good.  so we went outside and 2 fire trucks came and they went in and were like checking things out and asking if everyone was ok.  it was really scary though cuz it was liike wat if it was like anthrax or somthing....and ellie goes "i wonder if this is wat sars feels like" and casey's dad just has to say.."enjoy your last dinner at least your getting one" yeah real funny, haha, not.  so finally they figure out that some1 has been goin around westroads spraying mace and thats y were all started to cough or watever.....yeah i don't get it but thats ok.  so we finally went to the hotel AND THEY HAD A HOTTUB! yeah but the pool was tiny, oh well it was a pool. so we hung out all night did girl things yeah that kind of stuff haha.  a very eventful night, but fun.

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Monday, October 20
Scary Car Times

   So tonight my mom and brother took me up to Aksarben, in the big parking lot in my bro's car, which is a stick shift....yeah, blonde, in a car, driving a stick shift, 13 years old, can you say scary? haha it really was.  well, i guess it wasn't too bad, i didn't kill the car, but we probably all have whiplash now from all the jerking around i did when i took off haha scary times in a car.
   Im so excited, we have this whole week of, except for half days on mon and tue, but still.  ahh it'll be sooo great! neway, i hope to have some fun, maybe go to the movies, get together with my boyfriend IF HE DOSN'T GO OUT OF TOWN! ahh that would really suck.  neway i have no plans yet, except for a party tomorow night, thats about it.  to tell you the truth i have no clue wat else to say so i guess i'll leave it at this. until later PEACE OUT PEEPS!

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